11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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3. Can Will transport to the Upside Down?

When we see Will transport from his bathroom in the real world to his bathroom in the Upside Down it appears to be a shock to him. This appears to be the first time he has reverted back to the other side and he isn’t sure if it is real or not.

Can Will transport to the Upside Down or can he just see what is happening there? It looks as if he is actually in the underworld but we are yet to see if he can interact with any creatures or monsters or if they can see him at all.

The other question is how is he able to transport there? Can he choose to go there at will? (pun intended). If it is an ability he possesses maybe he can learn to control it. That would be a great help for the gang in future fights with the powers from the Upside Down.

If he can’t control it then who is controlling these teleportations? Is there an intelligent being bringing him over to the other dimension? We also need to speculate about any such creature’s intentions. They surely can’t be good!

Or perhaps it is the Upside Down itself bringing him back. Maybe the monsters and creatures of that dimension are not sentient beings but merely pawns of the dimension itself, like some malevolent god.

Will Byers has already spent more time in the Upside Down than any other character. Can he handle any more of its radioactive atmosphere and toxic air?