11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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2. What about Will’s Mouth Slugs?

We are presented with a sweet Christmas scene; a family restored with Joyce and Jonathan having a normal holiday meal with the newly returned Will. But this is not a show for pretty bows and happy endings.

Will makes his excuses and goes to the bathroom where it appears he is going to be sick. But as he leans over the sink it is not vomit that he brings up; he regurgitates a black slug, covered in bile and evil ooze. The slug is very much alive as it wriggles down the plug hole. Merry Christmas Will!

Back in the Upside Down, when they found Will he had some kind of tentacle deep in his throat. As Hopper pulls and pulls we see this thing is two, maybe three, foot long. As he finally yanks the creature out, it wriggles to the ground where Hopper shoots it dead.

Was the tentacle a snake-like creature planting its baby slugs inside Will’s intestines? Or was the tentacle part of a larger creature? Whatever it was clearly left Will with some slimy friends inside him but is that all the damage it did or are there other souvenirs from Will’s time in the Upside Down?

We also don’t know if these slugs are merely using Will as a short-term condo or are they growing inside him like an incubator? It is also possible that they may have some symbiotic relationship with Will. They may draw power from him and he may draw power from their world. When the slug comes out he suddenly transports to the Upside Down for a moment. Speaking of which…