11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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1. The Fate of Eleven

As Eleven is standing in the classroom of Hawkins Middle School with the Demogorgon pinned against the wall, she says ‘Bye Mike’. As she evaporates the monster into dust, she too disappears and is gone; much in the same way Will vanished in the first episode.

At that point, we believe that Eleven has gone for good. Her goodbye and the heartfelt grief of Mike, Lucas and Dustin tells us that they believe she has gone too. From that point, everyone’s attention is on the return of Will in the hospital.

However, before the finale ends we get one clue to the fate of Eleven. Jim Hopper is seen driving into the woods; Mirkwood, as the boys call it. There, under a layer of snow, is a wooden chest. He places a tub of food from the Police Christmas party before reaching into his pocket to place a couple of shrink-wrapped Eggos.

Clearly, the Eggos are for Eleven. Therefore Hopper believes – or maybe knows – that she is alive. But is she collecting them from this world or from the Upside Down? The snow is a visual clue that it is probably the Upside Down.

So if she has been in the Upside Down between these two seasons, what has she been doing? Hiding like Will Byers? Or perhaps vaporizing some of the Demogorgon’s relatives on a Kill Bill style revenge mission? Has she been suffering from the toxic atmosphere that required Hopper and Joyce to wear those radiation suits? Hopefully, season 2 will fill us in on Eleven’s Upside Down adventures.