11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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11. Are there other dimensions?

At Will’s funeral, the boys ask their teacher, Mr. Clarke, about the possibility of other dimensions and how to get to them. He responds by giving them the ‘flea and the acrobat’ metaphor to help them understand how that could happen. While the boys are only interested in one dimension –  ‘The Vale of Shadows’ – there is certainly the possibility of other ones according to Mr. Clarke. Does Stranger Things have a multiverse?

The concept of a multiverse has been explored in many other sci-fi shows such as Sliders, Fringe and most recently, Rick and Morty. It is the idea that there are infinite parallel universes all existing at the same time.

Mr. Clarke says it would take a massive amount of energy to create the portal to another dimension. The boys believed that Will was in one of these parallel universes and that the power to open a portal must have come through the nuclear capabilities at the Hawkins Laboratory. They had the right place but the source of the power was not nuclear it was telekinetic. Eleven has already opened one portal to another dimension could she open another?

One thing that Mr. Clarke says in his exposition of other dimensions is that a gateway to another world would likely disrupt gravity, the magnetic field and would “swallow them up whole”. I wonder if that was foreshadowing of Stranger Things 2. There is certainly an apocalyptic feel to some of the promotional images for this season. Is the Upside Down taking over our world and might Eleven have to open a portal to another dimension for us to escape?