11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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10. Werewolves? Vampires? Zombies? Ghosts?

Stranger Things was a hit for many reasons but a key one was its breadth of 80’s nostalgia and sci-fi/horror movie references. You have to think that more of these callbacks will seep into the forthcoming seasons. Could we begin to see one or two new threads of horror appear in season 2?

We see in season one an Evil Dead‘ poster on Jonathan’s bedroom wall that his father calls inappropriate. Might we see some living dead walking around the Upside Down or even in our world? The first trailer for season two has ‘Thriller’ as its soundtrack – complete with Vincent Price voiceover and cackle. That video is famous for its living dead choreography. So maybe we will see Barb again after all… just as a zombie!

Steve Harrington looks like he belongs in ‘The Lost Boys‘. You can’t tell me that you would be surprised to find out he was really a vampire. And have you ever seen a Buffy-in-waiting for more than Nancy Wheeler?

How likely is it that Jim Hopper blacks out on every full moon and cannot remember what he did the night before? He seems pretty strong for a small town cop with a drinking problem. Could we have An American Werewolf in Hawkins? And we already have numerous promo pictures of the boys dressed up as Ghostbusters for Halloween.

I’m not saying the show fully goes down those roads but I sure think it teases towards some of them in season two.