11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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9. What happens between the Nancy/Jonathan/Steve love triangle?

Enough of all that sci-fi speculation. Let’s get to the real matters. What is going to happen with the Nancy-Steve-Jonathan love triangle? I’m sure the internet has already come up with some portmanteaus to stan for either couple: Are you Jancy or Stancy?

Things wrapped up last season on with Nancy Wheeler giving a camera to Jonathan Byers but snuggling up with Steve Harrington in his (non-ironic in the 80’s) Christmas sweater. Many fans wanted her to end up with Jonathan instead but I like the choice of her ending up with Steve.

Even though we sympathize with Jonathan because we like him as a character, he did take creepy pictures of her getting undressed. While their relationship mends I am glad it didn’t just sweep his creepiness under the table and have them in a romantic relationship so soon after the offense.

Steve, while being a jackass at first, grows as he makes mistakes. Eventually, he matures beyond his friends Tommy & Carol to be a viable choice for Nancy. But how will the love triangle develop in season 2 as the three are once again thrown into fighting against the dark forces of the Upside Down?

It was as they were looking for Will & Barb, and planning to catch the monster, that Nancy realizes that Jonathan is her intellectual equal. However, Jonathan is a natural loner and has all the sullen introspection to go with it. Steve is far more straightforward. What will Nancy choose? The Jonathan or the open charm of Steve?

Anyway enough of the love stuff and back to the supernatural powers…