11 unsolved mysteries Stranger Things 2 needs to solve

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Stranger Things 2 mysteries
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Stranger Things 2 is released on Oct 27 and we hope to get some answers to these unsolved mysteries from the first season.

What better way to spend Halloween than with nine new episodes of Stranger Things?! The new episodes drop Oct. 27 to stream on Netflix. There will be a whole new set of 80’s nostalgia, pulp-horror references and supernatural mysteries that our favorite band of kids – and Jim Hopper – will be trying to solve.

The first season of Stranger Things was full of mysteries, big and small. Most of those were wrapped up nicely in the season 1 finish. The main mysteries surrounding the vanishing of Will Byers, the identity of Eleven and the Demogorgon were largely set to rest in that season arc. However, there are a bunch of key questions that still remain.

Clearly, the Duffer Brothers knew they were on to a hit and that a second season was coming. They left us with plenty to ponder from the season 1 finale including some important threads that will play a big part in the season 2 storyline.

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One of the mysteries that sent fan forums and social media abuzz was about Barb and whether she is still alive. Unfortunately, this is fans not picking up the gruesome hints rather than a mystery intentionally inserted by the creators. Perhaps because we didn’t see Barb die, many think that maybe she is still alive somehow.

But as the Duffer Brothers confirmed, she is dead. Sorry. Hopper and Joyce found her entombed in the Upside Down in the full throes of rigor mortis. She is worm food, people! When they walk by her they do not even think about puller her down and giving her mouth-to-mouth. Because you wouldn’t!

So, RIP Barb. But there is a host of other mysteries that still need to be solved and season 2 could bring the answers as we learn more about Eleven, the Government facility and go further into the Upside Down!