Stranger Things 2 cast: Steve Harrington

Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix /

Will Steve Harrington’s transformation to hero at the end of the first season continue in Stranger Things 2? It looks like Steve and his bat may come in handy in the new episodes.

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At the beginning of Stranger Things, Steve Harrington was the worst. Well, one of the worst, along with his two friends Tommy and Carol. I’d rather spend an afternoon with the demogorgon than hang out with those three, but I digress.

By the end of the first eight episodes of the series, Steve is a new man. He realized he was wrong and changed. While he isn’t considered one of the heroesnecessarily, Steve did save Nancy and Jonathan from the demogorgon using the bat with nails in it, which is definitely making an appearance in Stranger Things 2.

Most of Steve’s arc was related to his obsession with trying to get with Nancy and being a terrible person, in general. Later, he rectified his terrible behavior, but did he really change for the better? That’s what we will find out in the new season.

While waiting for new episodes, Nancy and Steve’s love story was cut into a romantic comedy-type trailer.

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We have shared the video below! Check it out while you wait for Stranger Things 2. 

Steve grew on me over the course of the first eight episodes. I think he’s going to have a significant role in the new season. Hopefully, he will keep being a good guy and be able to assist the rest of the Hawkins Heroes defeat their latest foe.

I think many people are wondering if Steve and Nancy will get back together in Stranger Things 2. There’s a good chance it could happen, but there are a few other suitors who might be in play for Nancy’s heart. I don’t think Steve will give up on her, though.

Stranger Things 2 hits Netflix on Friday, Oct. 27. Stay tuned for more Stranger Things news this week.