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Will Nancy Wheeler  be able to find peace after Barb’s death and ensuing cover-up? We’ll find out in Stranger Things 2 on Friday, Oct. 27.

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Looking back at the first eight episodes of Stranger Things, it’s interesting to consider Nancy’s arc. She seemed like a minor character at first, just Mike’s older sister. Then, with Barb’s disappearance, Jonathan’s stalking and Nancy and Jonathan’s team up to find Barb and find Will, Nancy became a major character. I fully expect that to continue to be the case in Stranger Things 2.

How will Nancy respond to Barb’s death? Will she be able to move on when she knows what really happened? Does she even know what really happened? Will Hopper and Joyce reveal Barb was killed in the Upside Down and that they saw her dead body? I don’t think we know yet if Nancy knows they confirmed it was Barb.

There are so many unknowns about this series, and Nancy is a big question mark. As a teenager, she is unpredictable and impulsive. Will she be able to hold it together after everything that has happen?

She’s been thrown through the ringer, and while everyone knows Will is back, Barb is the forgotten character, and I think Nancy feels responsible for Barb’s death. I expect this to be Nancy’s main arc through this season. The guilt, especially with Hopper allegedly covering up Barb’s death, could push Nancy to a breaking point.

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Another interesting component of Nancy’s story is her dating life. She moved on from Steve Harrington near the end the first eight episodes. She has some romantic chemistry with Jonathan, but they’re from two different social worlds. We also know there’s a new guy, Billy, in Stranger Things 2. Could he be Nancy’s new love interest? We’ll find out that in more in a few days!

Stranger Things 2 hits Netflix on Friday, Oct. 27. Check out the rest of our Stranger Things 2 preview here.

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