Stranger Things 2 cast: Mike

Credit: Stranger Things- Curtis Baker - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things- Curtis Baker - Netflix /

Mike went through a lot in the first season, but as one of the most popular Stranger Things 2 cast members, what’s in store for the character in the new season?

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Mike was one of my favorite characters in Stranger Things. The character played by Finn Wolfhard was best friends with Will and the younger brother of Nancy. He also had a major crush on Eleven after the mysterious girl with a buzz cut came into his lives shortly after the disappearance of Will. He took her in the home and set up a basement fort for her to hide from the bad men who were looking for her. Mike didn’t hesitate for a second to open up the home for her and to protect her from the bad people. Forget all about how his best friend was just kidnapped by a Demogorgon and held captive in the Upside Down, Mike couldn’t stop but fall hard for the mysterious and special young girl in his life.

He made her feel pretty when she got a dress and blonde wing to wear. He was the perfect gentleman and stood up for her when Lucas was suspicious she was the monster. She later stood up for him at school and at the quarry when Mike got to fly for a moment. These two really could be our favorite middle school couple. Mike took his shot in the season finale at the middle school where he asked her to the snowball and planted a kiss on her. It was one of those moments that makes you so happy for the youngsters.

But it was a short-lived moment of bliss as Eleven vanished into thin air after destroying the Demogorgon into a billion little pieces. Eleven was gone and Mike’s heart was broken. We know Eleven is alive, but Mike doesn’t know that for sure, or if he’ll see her again if she is. That’s the storyline I’m most looking forward to seeing with Mike in Stranger Things 2.

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One of the trailers shows Eleven making her escape from the Upside Down, but we don’t know where she’ll be headed first or if she has a secret mission she needs to carry out. I just hope she gets a reunion with Mike and maybe there will be another kiss. Maybe he’ll be in the friend zone, but I hope Mike will feel whole again when he sees his friend again.

What do you hope to see with Mike’s character in the nine new episodes?