Stranger Things 2 cast: Max

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There’s a new character coming to Hawkins in Stranger Things 2, and her name is Max. Will she fit in with our heroes Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Will?

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Max, played by Sadie Sink, is a new character in Stranger Things 2. We don’t know what she was up to in the first eight episodes. According to rumors, Max moved to Hawkins with her family in 1984, after the events of the first eight episodes of Stranger Things. Based on the trailer for Stranger Things 2, our guess is that she was spending time crushing records at an arcade somewhere.

Max is Billy’s stepsister, and based on what we’ve heard about him, we have to assume Max has had a rough childhood. According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, Billy is a bully and he represents the “human” evil in this story. That has to have had some impact on Max growing up.

And, we think Billy will be in a position to abuse some of our heroes because it’s been reported Max joins up with our group of boys. She also is rumored to become a possible romantic interest of Lucas or Dustin.

Max should be a very important part of the series. In the first scene of the trailer, we see she’s beaten Dustin and Lucas’s record on one of the games at the arcade, as we referenced earlier. They wouldn’t nod to her arrival in the first trailer unless she had an integral part to play in Stranger Things 2. 

The title of the first episode, which is “Mad Max,” also seems to be a nod to the character. That could be wrong, but that’s another good sign to Max being a very important character.

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It appears our group of four boys has added another new member to the group. By our count, that makes six, including Eleven, whenever she gets back.

Will Max’s arrival cause a riff in the group? We’ll find out on Friday, Oct. 27.