Stranger Things 2 cast: Lucas

Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix /

Lucas is one of our favorite Stranger Things 2 cast members and here’s what is in store for his character in the new season coming out Oct. 27.

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I’ll be honest with you all. I didn’t really like Lucas at first. While Mike and Dustin were doing their best to make Eleven feel safe and protected after she escaped from Hawkins Lab and was lost and confused with everything that was going on around her. But it was Lucas who didn’t give her a warm and hospitable welcome. He didn’t trust Eleven and he thought she was the monster that took their best friend Will.

In the moment, I was like, “Lucas, chill, dude, Eleven is not the enemy.” But after some deep reflection and thinking about things from his perspective, I think he was really being a good friend. Think about what Lucas was going through. He just learned about one of his best friends, Will, being kidnapped under some very mysterious and eery circumstances. There was a conspiracy to cover up the disappearance and there was even a funeral held for Will.

That’s a lot for a pre-teen to be going through.

Then, throw in this mysterious girl who barely speaks, has some special powers and gets the occasional nosebleed. Lucas was right to be suspicious. He was right to be protective of Mike and Dustin. He may have been a little too overprotective, which resulted in Eleven giving him a ride in the air, but Lucas would be okay, he would later come to the conclusion that Eleven wasn’t the monster, she didn’t hurt Will, she was there to help the boys and she was a friend.

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Plus, Lucas was the most fearless and brave of the boys. I loved the bandana he wore across his forehead like he was prepared for war. And I really loved how he didn’t leave home without his slingshot. It was that slingshot he used to fire off some shots at the Demogorgon when it attacked at the Hawkins Middle School. While the others were terrified, and rightfully so, it was Lucas who stood tall like the brave young warrior that he is. With the help of Eleven, the Demogorgon was defeated.

Now, we can’t wait to see what Lucas will assert himself in Stranger Things 2 and if he’ll wear the bandana or break out the slingshot again. He’s a deadly shot and protective of his friends, so I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the character this season.