Stranger Things 2 cast: Joyce

Credit: Stranger Things - Jackson Lee Davis - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Jackson Lee Davis - Netflix /

The Stranger Things 2 cast is strengthened by the presence of Winona Ryder who plays Joyce Byers and here’s what’s in store for the character this season.

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Winona Ryder had one of the best performances of a mother in distress like we’ve never seen before. Literally. We’ve never seen a mother have to deal with a Demogorgon kidnapping their son and holding him captive in the Upside Down before. It was an awesome job by one of our favorite actresses from the 80s. It was a fitting job of casting to get the talented actress on the show since it paid homage to a number of 80s classics. When you think of the 80s, you probably don’t have to think too long before you get to the star of Heathers, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.

It was a welcome sight to see her on the small screen and experience a career renaissance of sorts. The mother of Jonathan and Will Byers was such a badass and an inspiration the way she fought for her baby boy. It was Joyce who pushed Sheriff Hopper to pursue the case and to find her boy. It was Joyce who was convinced Will was trying to communicate with her when her phone would ring and blow up. It was Joyce who came up with a way to communicate with Christmas lights when the phone wouldn’t work.

Joyce knew Will was alive, but he wasn’t safe and when Will told her to run when the monster was coming to the house, she sat ready on the couch with an ax in hand. She thought she could use the sledgehammer to knock down the brick walls to get to Will in the Upside Down, but she really needed to put on a hazmat suit and go through the door to the Upside Down inside Hawkins Lab to retrieve her boy and bring him back home.

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Joyce got her boy home, with the help of Hopper, Jonathan and Eleven, who she said was very brave for going in the salt bath inside the middle school. She was the loving, attentive, caring mama bear.

Heading into Stranger Things 2, I hope Joyce can rest easy knowing it’s been one year since the traumatic events of the first season. I think she could be in a new relationship with Bob Newby, played by Sean Astin, who joins the cast. The two were classmates back in the day and have reconnected. I hope he’ll make her laugh and feel safe and loved.

Having said that, we know based on the trailers that is not going to stay that way. A new terror is coming for Will, and the rest of the people in Hawkins, Indiana. And that means we’re going to see Joyce at code red as she attempts to get her boy right and safe and free from these horrors he’s seeing. He’s out of the Upside Down, but the Upside Down isn’t done with him.