Stranger Things 2 cast: Jonathan Byers

Credit: Stranger Things - Netflix
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What’s in store for the Stranger Things 2 cast this season? Let’s take a look at what’ll be facing Jonathan in the nine new episodes.

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When viewers first met Jonathan Byers in the first season of Stranger Things, they weren’t entirely sure how to feel about the quiet, brooding, grieving photographer. On one hand, Jonathan just had his younger brother Will abducted into thin air. Then, he and his mother Joyce were told Will had died and there was a body to prove it. Later, he met with his estranged father to let him know about Will’s disappearance as he assumed the “man of the house” role.

On the other hand, he was seen in the bushes taking photographs of Nancy who was at Steve’s the night of Barb’s disappearance. Was he a stalker? Was he just shy and didn’t know how to express his feelings? Or was he a misunderstood kid who needed a friend?

It’s definitely the latter two, and he proved that as the season went on. He was strong and brave as he and Nancy were monster hunters and set up a trap to get the Demogorgon so they could get Will and Barb back home. They were halfway successful as Will got home but Barb wasn’t so lucky.

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Jonathan, however, was in the friend zone with Nancy, who was dating Steve. Even though Jonathan stood up for her and befriended her and protected her, Jonathan knew where he stood, and he doesn’t need to be happy about it, but it is what it is.

In Stranger Things 2, Jonathan is one year removed from the horrors from the first season, but a new terror approaches Hawkins, Indiana. Will Jonathan rise to the occasion again and be the monster hunter and save his friends and family? Will he and Nancy grow closer? Will Jonathan find a new love interest? Will Jonathan spend the whole season in the darkroom developing his photographs? We’ll find out all those answers on Oct. 27.