Stranger Things 2 cast: Jim Hopper

Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix /

Will Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper be able to live with himself after venturing into the Upside Down and being forced to cover up Barb’s death in Stranger Things 2? We’ll find out soon.

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Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour, has a lot on his plate moving forward in Stranger Things 2. How he deals with the pressure could be a key in the sequel series.

Other than Eleven and Will being the ones who can stop whatever is happening to Hawkins, Hopper is the one in charge. He’s the leader of the Hawkins Heroes, as long as he is willing to do what is right. It’s possible, though, his decision-making could be compromised based on the toll these events have taken on him.

Hopper was one of the bright spots from the first eight episodes of Stranger Things. But, there’s a lot of pain behind those eyes, as Paul Rudd’s character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall would say. Hopper was able to channel that sadness and use it as motivation to find Will Byers. Will he be able to do that in Stranger Things 2, or will it cause him to unwind? 

We learned Hopper used to be married and have a daughter, but she passed away from a medical complication when she was young. That burden has made his life a living hell. The events of the first eight episodes and the trauma he has also endured will likely exacerbate that burden.

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In what we have learned about Stranger Things 2, from an EW report,  we know the events of the first eight episodes are causing problems for Hopper. As one of the main authority figures, he has to find a way to hide what’s going on in Hawkins from the public. That likely means covering up Barb’s death and working with the Hawkins National Laboratory to keep this all a secret for as long as possible.

I do think Hopper will have something to do with Eleven in Stranger Things 2. In one of the last scenes we saw, Hopper leaves food and Eggos for Eleven in the woods. When she comes back, and we know she will, Hopper might be able to help her, especially with all the stuff about Eleven’s mother.

Will Hopper be able to manage everything? Or, is this all too much for one man to handle in one lifetime? We’ll find out in Stranger Things 2!