Stranger Things 2 cast: Eleven

Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix
Stranger Things 2- Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/Netflix /

Eleven is the most important character in the Stranger Things 2 cast and she’s in store for a heck of an adventure in Stranger Things 2.

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The prevailing question after people watched Stranger Things was everyone wondering what happened to Eleven. After she rescued the boys at Hawkins Middle School and defeated the Demogorgon after he was slammed against the chalkboard and disintegrated into a million pieces of dust, Eleven also disappeared without a trace. We weren’t sure if she blew up into a million pieces too, or if she was dead, or if she was trapped in the Upside Down.

Fast forward months later and we’ve seen the trailers for Stranger Things 2 and we know Eleven is alive. Of course, she was. Millie Bobby Brown helped make the show what it was and she received an Emmy nomination for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. She wasn’t going anywhere. But the character did find herself in a terrible spot.

Eleven is trapped in the Upside Down. She’s separated from Mike and the boys and she’s all alone, again. The beginning of Stranger Things 2 will show us what happened to Eleven and how she’s spent the last year (the show is set one year after the events of the first season) and how she makes her great escape out of the Upside Down.

But where is Eleven going when she flees the Upside Down?

Will she be making a trip to find the Wheeler house to see if her basement fort is still set up for her?

Will she be going back to Hawkins Lab to see if Dr. Brenner is alive? The Demogorgon came through the brick wall and jumped on him and attacked him. We didn’t see his dead body, but I mean, how does one survive that?!

Could Eleven be headed to the grocery store for more Eggos?

Maybe there is another reunion that could really throw things for a loop. I am predicting Eleven meets her mom in Stranger Things 2. Remember Terry Ives was a subject in Hawkins Lab during their early experimental phase. She was told her baby didn’t survive and is in a catatonic state when we met her in season 1. I believe there is a mental connection that Terry and Eleven share that will bring the two together. I think Terry will be able to deliver messages to Eleven through their mind-control powers and Eleven will be on a mission to find her mom that she’s never met and never knew existed as she’s been living as a test subject inside Hawkins her entire life.

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If this happens, prepare to cry for a day and a half, because it would be one of the best reunions in TV history. Fingers crossed this happens. As for a reunion with Mike, Dustin and Lucas? I think that’s in the works too, but I don’t know if it’s going to happen right away. There has to be some drama where they are separated and working out separate storylines. By the end of the season, I think Eleven will be our show’s hero again and help deal with the new terror that is haunting the skies of Hawkins and she’ll have a nice new haircut too.