Stranger Things 2 cast: Dr. Brenner

Stranger Things - Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things - Courtesy of Netflix /

Will Dr. Brenner return for Stranger Things 2? We know there’s a new director of the Hawkins National Laboratory and his name is Dr. Owens.

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Dr. Martin Brenner, known as “Papa” to Eleven, was the head of the Hawkins National Laboratory and, other than the demogorgon, the main antagonist in the first eight episodes of Stranger Things. He is also the one responsible for the experiments with Eleven, which were very disturbing, and the reason the demogorgon was able to come out of the portal and into Hawkins. I don’t know about you, but it sure seems like all this is his fault.

We also know their is a long history between Eleven, her mother and Brenner. Many have speculated there were experiments done on Eleven’s mother, and that’s why Eleven is the way she is and has these powers.

It doesn’t get much worse than Brenner. Other than all the stuff with demogorgon, he also orchestrated Will’s fake dead body being found and killed Benny, the guy who was just trying to help Eleven.

In the eighth episode, Dr. Brenner was attacked by the demogorgon (long overdue in my opinion) and has not been seen since. We don’t know if Brenner was killed in the attack or if he survived. Either way, there is a new man leading the Hawkins National Laboratory in Stranger Things 2, and his name is Dr. Owens played by Paul Reiser.

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For the fate of Hawkins, let’s hope Dr. Owens is a better dude than Dr. Brenner. But, I also want everyone to remember everything happening in Hawkins is, without a doubt, Brenner’s fault. 

We’ll be sure to let you know if Dr. Brenner makes a return in Stranger Things 2, and we’ll also share any information we find out about the mysterious Dr. Owen.

Stay tuned, and enjoy Stranger Things 2 coming Friday, Oct. 27.