Stranger Things 2 cast: Billy

Credit: Stranger Things - Tina Rowden - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Tina Rowden - Netflix /

Dacre Montgomery has joined the Stranger Things 2 cast as Billy. Get to know the new character and what’s in store for him.

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You know all about the returning characters on Stranger Things, but one of the larger mysteries about the upcoming season is the new Stranger Things 2 cast members. Earlier this year, it was announced that Dacre Montgomery was joining the cast. The Australian actor who is known for his role as Jason, the Red Ranger in the Power Rangers movie. I’m not sure how much of a crossover there is from the audience from that movie and the Netflix Original series, so let’s get to know what could be in store for him so you’re not caught off guard when nine new episodes are released on Oct. 27.

Details have been sparse about the new season, especially as it pertains to the character Billy that Montgomery will be playing. We can surmise a few things though. He’s likely to play a high school student who knows Steve, Nancy and Jonathan. Although, it’s not particularly clear if he’ll be friends with any of them. I think he’s going to play the cool kid at school that attracts a lot of attention toward himself.

And I think it’ll be his attention-seeking that could catch the eye of Nancy, or even Steve, who may be looking for a new group of friends. Last season was Nancy, Jonathan and Steve but this year could see that trio bumped up to a quartet. I want to believe that Billy will be a good guy we can trust and root for and above all else, like. I do have a sinking suspicion that Billy may not be a warm and fuzzy character and there could be some bad intentions on his part. Especially, if he’s trying to drive a wedge between Steve and Nancy or Nancy and Jonathan’s friendship.

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There’s just something about this guy that gives me a reason to pause and I can’t quite fully trust him.