11 reasons Stranger Things is the best Netflix Original series

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Stranger Things - Courtesy of Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Curtis Baker/Netflix
Stranger Things – Curtis Baker/Netflix /

5. The different tones and themes

When it comes to what genre Stranger Things falls under, it varies. We can’t pick one genre in particular since there’s more to it than that. For example, there are horror, suspense, and thriller elements. But, at the same time, there are moments of heart, laughter, and even some sadness. Stranger Things hits all of these notes in one way or another, which makes it a versatile show full of different tones, themes, and emotions.

From the first episode, you notice how dark this show can be. Once the intro passes, we’re introduced to the cast of young friends, where we see how the show introduces comedic elements. We even see moments of sadness and despair when Joyce finds out Will has gone missing. As you can see, this series is an emotional roller coaster.

This isn’t a bad thing at all, though. This only proves how well-made this show really is. We’re sure the Duffer Brothers had a target audience when creating this show from the very beginning. In our opinion, that target audience is everyone. Whether you’re young or an adult, you can find enjoyment with this series.

Each scene caters to a different person, which is why this show is so special. You may not be into horror, but there’s so much more to enjoy that you’ll stick around to see what else it offers. If you haven’t seen the series, give it a chance and you’ll see just how great it really is. Most importantly, you’ll see how it brings something for everyone to watch.