11 reasons Stranger Things is the best Netflix Original series

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6. The Upside Down

We’ve talked about this quite a bit and for good reason. The series, as a whole, is full of mysteries, unsolved clues, and unanswered questions. A large portion of the questions has to deal with the Upside Down and what it’s all about. As we mentioned earlier, we got a small glimpse of it in season 1, but even with that, there’s still so much to learn. In reality, that’s the beauty of it.

Here’s what we know: the Upside Down seems to be some sort of mirror to the real world. It’s much darker, extremely dangerous, and the living conditions aren’t the greatest. If you do end up spending an extended period of time there, it will have its effects on you. For example, there’s Will, who was trapped there for quite some time. Now, we still don’t know what’s wrong with him, but we know it took a toll on him.

Apart from that, we have no idea what else it contains. But, this is what makes it so enticing and one of the reasons why it makes the show even greater. There’s only one season so far, so obviously, there’s much more story to tell and a lot of secrets to uncover. Most of the fans and viewers are anxious to learn more about the Upside Down.

Most of our questions revolve around how it came to be, what other creatures are there, and most importantly, what did it do to Will? We’re sure at least a few of these concerns will come to the light in season 2. Needless to say, the Upside Down is pretty fascinating and it’s something we have yet to see in any other series, which makes Stranger Things that much better.