11 reasons Stranger Things is the best Netflix Original series

Stranger Things - Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things - Courtesy of Netflix /
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Stranger Things – Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things – Courtesy of Netflix /

8. The originality

Earlier, we mentioned how some people have criticized the show for being unoriginal. When you think of all the references and the material it’s inspired by, we can understand why certain viewers have made this claim. At the same time though, we’re here to argue why the series is also unique and original. Yes, it’s definitely inspired by classics of the past. At the same time, however, it has its own bit of flair, which makes it stand out.

Like we stated before, we definitely see shades of Stephen King’s IT when it comes to the group of friends. When seeing how they communicate, how they act, and the hobbies they decide to participate in, it seems familiar. In fact, it’s probably things we said or did when we were kids. As familiar as it may seem though, there’s something about it that seems refreshing and new. There has yet to be another TV show that delivers the same kind of emotions this brings.

The plot is very interesting and unique. The way certain things happen and why they happen comes off naturally and, most importantly, different. Some plot details are inspired by other classics, but it’s still very original. The show does a great job of building on some of the great classic stories we already know while adding its own narrative and plot twists.

The setting is very interesting. For example, the Upside Down, which we’ll touch on more a bit later, is still very mysterious. We got a minor glimpse of it in season 1 and we can’t wait to learn more about it. Most of what it’s all about are unknown, but the entire idea is very original.

At its core, yes, Stranger Things does borrow plenty of ideas. This doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t original.