11 reasons Stranger Things is the best Netflix Original series

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10. The nostalgic moments and the references

Part of the reason why Stranger Things was such a hit with the viewers is the nostalgia, especially for those ’80s babies. This series is heavily influenced by a variety of other films and shows that were released during that time, which the fans really enjoyed. Let’s start to name a few.

When it comes to the direction, the Duffer Brothers were heavily inspired by critically acclaimed directors and writers. There’s Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, and even Stephen King. With Spielberg, we can definitely see shades of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. In a way, Eleven is very similar to E.T. and the bond she shares with Mike. Even the aesthetic imagery and feel of the show screams Spielberg.

As for Carpenter and King, all of the darker themes and horror aspects are definitely derived from them. Most notably, from Carpenter, there’s Halloween, The Fog, and The Thing, which all contain a variety of horror themes and tones. From King, the property that stands out the most is IT because of the cast of children. The chemistry they have is immediately evident and makes for a great and entertaining watch.

Best of all, Stranger Things finds a balance between all of these and makes it its own. Yes, some may scream it isn’t as original and does take a variety ideas from pop culture classic. We don’t necessarily agree with this claim, however. We’ll touch on that a bit later, but even then, is that necessarily a bad thing?

Stranger Things pays homage to the pop culture classics of that era, which is why so many have gravitated towards it. It reminds them of the things they loved seeing growing up.