11 reasons Stranger Things is the best Netflix Original series

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Stranger Things - Courtesy of Netflix /
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3. The characters

One of the most likable aspects of this show is the characters. Whether you love some of them or hate them, there’s no denying each character feels important in one way or another. In reality, other than Barb (R.I.P.), nobody feels wasted or expendable. Each character has something to offer, which makes for a more compelling watch throughout.

To start off, there’s Chief Jim Hopper, who’s playing by David Harbour. At first, he seems like a careless individual who’s going through the motions. Once everything starts going down though, you realize he can be a very serious and determined person. Without a doubt, he’s one of our favorite characters in the entire show and with good reason.

There’s also Dustin, portrayed by Gaten Matarazzo. For the most part, he’s the one who’s willing to go the extra mile while, at the same time, still being afraid, if that makes sense. He’s also hilarious, which adds an extra charm to his character. Once you watch the first season, you’ll understand why we enjoy his character so much.

A major factor that makes a TV series so watchable and successful is the characters involved. If you don’t care about the characters, then you probably won’t care about anything else the show is about. This series does everything it needs to do with its characters.

There’s one other character who steals the show though, and it’s…