Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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5. “Papa”

It takes a while before we really learn anything about Dr. Brenner or Project MK Ultra. But in episode 2, we watch a flashback scene where Eleven gets dragged around and screams out to her “Papa.”

Wait, what?

Papa tends to be an affectionate word for father, but Eleven was screaming it at someone who was caring for her in a way that was obviously only meant to be manipulative. He wanted to control her, and worse, experiment on her.

So why would Eleven feel comfortable calling him that? It made us ask if they were related, but once we hear Terry Ives’ story, that stops making sense. Because even if Terry isn’t Eleven’s mother, it still means that they were conducting experiments on women who were likely pregnant before they arrived. I seriously doubt Dr. Brenner played any part in Eleven’s conception, which is what makes it all the more uncomfortable to wrap your head around.

Like, any time a significantly older man steals a little girl from her mother and says, “Call me papa,” it’s weird. That’s it. If he is her father, though, yuck. Yuck that he treated her like that, and yuck for the implication he most likely took advantage of someone.

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