Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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4. What happened to Benny

In addition to meeting Eleven, we also met a really great guy named Benny. At the time, we didn’t really know Hopper, so Benny was basically the overprotective teddy bear of the series. He was kind and patient with Eleven, recognizing that she needed help and offering it to her as best as he could.

He also did the right thing by calling social services. It’s not like he could just harbor some random little girl in his diner — that would be inappropriate. But despite how good-willed he was, Stranger Things killed him off and I was pretty disappointed.

In hindsight, there’s obviously no place for the character. And like the whole #JusticeForBarb thing, Benny’s first and last purpose was to demonstrate what was at stake for the Department of Energy, the grave danger of a monster on the loose, and how far Dr. Brenner’s team was willing to go to find Eleven again. Except they didn’t make him a faceless victim. Instead, the Duffer Brothers chose to make him very likable, which made it hurt that much more.

As Hopper’s friend, Benny’s death did bring some extra purpose to the investigation, though, as the first indication to Hopper that things weren’t really as they seemed.

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