Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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Stranger Things – Courtesy of Netflix /

22. Eleven’s sacrifice

By the second half of the season, most of the adults have caught onto the fact that things are much weirder than they seem in Hawkins. I’m glad that the Duffer Brothers didn’t go full IT and make the adults like extraneous zombies that served as obstacles for the children. Once they’re in on the plan, it almost feels like the kids will finally be safe.

In fact, Mike starts to make plans for himself and Eleven. He tells her about the winter dance at school and promises that his parents will provide Eleven with everything they need in the future. (Oh, really, Mike? Are they going to raise four kids now? According to him, Mr. Wheeler couldn’t even afford the bigger version of the TV set.)

But none of this comes to fruition because Eleven makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her friends. For various reasons, the kids are left alone at the school and (thanks to Hopper) Dr. Brenner knows exactly where to find them. Not long after he arrives, a firefight breaks out, which draws the monster to the school as well. In her heroic final act, Eleven uses the last of her power to destroy the monster.

And while it’s unclear what happened, we watched Eleven’s entire body disintegrate. We know she’ll be back in season 2, but I can’t wait to hear how she put herself back together.

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