Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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Stranger Things – Photo Credit: Netflix
Stranger Things – Photo Credit: Netflix /

21. Nancy and Jonathan draw the monster out

While I appreciate how admirable Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve tried to be here, I couldn’t believe that they went out of their ways to face the monster. I mean, yes, it was cool. But like any horror movie or thriller, it becomes annoying to watch people repeatedly go toward the danger.

Did they undervalue their lives or overestimate their bear trap plan? I know it’s a TV show, but there are so many things that could’ve wrong.

We’ve all had paper cuts before and know how awful they can be, yet Jonathan and Nancy ripped a blade across their palms like it was nothing. (I’m convinced this is strictly a ‘white people’ phenomenon.) Like, this is bad and we could potentially die, but let’s do it anyway.

Obviously, you can overlook the riskiness and sheer stupidity of their plan if they succeeded, but they didn’t. The worst case scenario could’ve been that they burned down the entire house, let the monster get away (as it did) and it went on to kill more people in its rampage. Then, Nancy and Johnathon would’ve had to live with the guilt of all of that instead of propping up Steve’s storyline with his A+ bat swinging and reasonable fear.

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