Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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Stranger Things – Photo Credit: Netflix
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20. Hopper’s daughter

Through a few flashbacks, we learn that Hopper apparently lost his daughter to cancer before the series began. Yet, we never actually see this happen, only his torment afterward. And by the time we reached the end of the season, it became pretty clear that Hopper knew more than he let on.

For example, how did he know that Eleven could return? And what sort of deal did he make with the Department of Energy to save Will?

It seems like Hopper is still hoping to see his daughter again, and now it seems possible that she may be in the Upside Down. I mean, we don’t know enough yet, but why would Stranger Things introduce us to her otherwise? It’s not like Hopper needed any more motivation since he’s the chief of police in Hawkins, Indiana and a friend of Joyce’s. There has to be more to it than Hopper coming to terms with his grief.

If she is alive (and found her way into another dimension somehow), how has she lived this long in the Upside Down? What is she’s the monster and she just wants to drag people in there so she won’t be lonely? Would people age in the Upside Down? Would she have any memories of her life before that?

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