Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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Stranger Things – Courtesy of Netflix
Stranger Things – Courtesy of Netflix /

19. 1,500 pounds of salt

Any scene that involved Eleven’s experimentations at the Department of Energy was really weird. However, the series made it even weirder every time it put her in one of those sensory deprivation tanks. While fans of the genre are pretty familiar with tanks and whatnot, the ’80s aspect of it that includes a goofy getup and the scuba gear made Eleven’s journey that much more jarring.

Yet, despite all that trauma, Eleven volunteers to do it again to find Will. This means Dustin has to call his school teacher, Mr. Clarke, really late at night, open the curiosity door and find out what they need to do to recreate one of these tanks. What results is a kiddie pool filled with 1,500 pounds of salt — and trust, if this series took place anywhere in Florida, it would’ve been an impossible thing to pull off. They lucked out because they live in a region where snow is a thing, and therefore, they must combat it with salt.

For the sake of her friends, Eleven willing agrees to relive her frightening experiences. Think about your worst nightmare and really consider whether you’d be willing to face the thing that scares you most just for a small possibility that someone you don’t even know may be alive.

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