Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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Stranger Things
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17. Eleven flips a van

When things get out of hand, there’s very little that three boys can do against the power of the government and dudes who carry guns. Especially when these men are aggressively in pursuit of them and will do anything they must to recapture Eleven.

As the boys to do their best to escape, their bikes are reasonably outrun by the several vans on their tails. Despite knowing the neighborhood better and cutting through neighbors’ houses, they still end up on a street with vans coming for them on each side. Just when it seems like they’re trapped, Eleven pulls off one of her very best tricks and flips a van over their heads. She literally lifts something that weighs a ton directly over their heads and smashes into the ground behind them. For normal humans, that would be like lifting a 32-inch TV over your head. Some of us can’t even do that.

It’s so unexpected, afterward, Dustin even has the nerve to double-check if everyone all witnessed the same thing. We watched Eleven struggle to lift the Millennium Falcon at one point and succumb to nosebleeds whenever she used her powers. But the van flip came out of nowhere and required a certain strength we hadn’t seen before. Obviously, when someone threatens her friends, we still don’t know the extent of her powers.

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