Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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Stranger Things – Courtesy of Netflix
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14. Nancy enters the Upside Down

At first, Nancy Wheeler came across as one-note and the stereotypical girl trying too hard not to be stereotypical. As Jonathan eventually points out, he says she’s trying to rebel by doing what every other rebellious girl does.

But he literally said it right before things turn around for Nancy and her character arc. In her noble effort to understand what happened to her friend, Barb, Nancy dons a cool jacket, picks up a baseball bat and decides she’s going monster hunting. While there were hints that Nancy did have some coolness in her before that (as Dustin points out regarding her willingness to dress up for them), she didn’t really have anyone’s attention until she visited the Upside Down.

Basically, Nancy helped give us a clearer picture of what a parallel universe entails. It’s almost like an echo to the reality she knows. And when she’s inside exploring, she finds the monster and struggles to get out of the fake, hazy forest. More importantly, she’s the first person to get this close to the monster without dying shortly thereafter. She saw it in its entirety and lived to tell the tale.

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