Stranger Things: 23 WTF moments from season 1

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Stranger Things
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12. Hopper’s house gets bugged

It took a while for Hopper to grow on me because I couldn’t tell what his intentions were. He started off as a curmudgeon police chief who seemed extremely inconvenienced by Will’s disappearance. But eventually, he turned into the lovable, if not misunderstood guy who proved to be more competent than his beer belly let on.

After he breaks into the Department of Energy — and does an incredible job punching people in the face — he’s obviously caught and returned home. When he wakes up the next day, he’s reasonably worried about the implications of what he saw. Immediately, he tears his house upside down (no pun intended) looking for a bug in the house. He eventually finds a wire that proves they’ve been listening in on his conversations, then goes to Joyce’s house and figures the same.

It came as Hopper’s first step in realizing just how far up the ladder Will’s disappearance and the catalyst to him becoming one of the best characters on the show. Once he finds out that someone crossed the line and invaded his space, all bets are off. It’s unclear when they did it (and how they thought to do it so quickly), but it was a bad move on their part.

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