Stranger Things sweater is for sale at Target

Stranger Things- Photo Credit: Curtis Baker/ Netflix
Stranger Things- Photo Credit: Curtis Baker/ Netflix /

The Stranger Things sweater Netflix’s CEO wore in the Q3 Earnings Call 2017 is now for sale at Target. Get yours today for $33.

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Netflix CEO Reed Hastings rocked one of the coolest Stranger Things sweaters we’ve seen during Netflix’s Q3 Earnings Call, according to a report from Recode. Lucky for you, the Stranger Things sweater is for sale at Target and costs $32.99.

If you want this Stranger Things sweater, you might want to order it soon. With Stranger Things 2 coming out on Oct. 27, this shows is going to be at the forefront of pop culture throughout the Christmas season. And, with ugly sweaters all the rage, this sweater will be a hot commodity at Target. Who knows if it will sell out, but the earlier you can get yours the better.

Netflix shared the full video of the call on YouTube, and if you fast-forward to the 41-minute mark, you’ll see Hastings and Netflix’s Ted Sarandos with the sweater resembling the now famous Christmas lights scene from Stranger Things. 

As you’ll recall, Joyce Byers, in an effort to communicate with Will, strings Christmas lights around her house and then paints letters under them. Will lights up the corresponding letters to communicate with his mother.

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We’ve shared the Netflix Q3 Earnings Call below. Remember to move ahead to the 41-minute mark to see Hastings in the Stranger Things sweater.

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Stranger Things is easily one the best Netflix shows ever and ranks no. 12 on the list of the best TV shows on Netflix. Is that a proper ranking for the series?

Stranger Things 2 is less than two weeks away at the time of publishing. Stay tuned for more news, promotions and trailers for the series.