Stranger Things theme song and title sequence is the best in TV history

Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Curtis Baker - Netflix /

The Stranger Things theme song is the greatest opening to a show ever and if you disagree, you should give the theme song another listen because it’s pretty special.

Stranger Things is one of the best shows on Netflix. This isn’t exactly breaking news as the show was nominated for 18 Emmy Awards and became a pop culture phenomenon after the first season came out last summer. The show was a throwback to some of the great 80s movies like Jaws, Alien, The Goonies, among others, and featured a wonderful cast, including some great young stars like Millie Bobby Brown.

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It’s only fitting then that the show that is arguably the most anticipated release on Netflix this year is it had a theme song to match the content of the series. The Stranger Things theme music helped set the stage for each episode and set the tone of what was an eery, dark, creepy and at times, sinister series. The unique font the show used for the Stranger Things lettering that comes into focus at the tail end of the sequence and the pulse-pounding notes that penetrate your ear drums is so darn cool.

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No surprise the Stranger Things theme music won the Emmy in September. Kudos to Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon for creating this beautiful opening that immediately conjures up a ton of different emotions when fans hear it.

And as great as the theme music is, it’s complimented very nicely by the title sequence which also took home an Emmy for Outstanding Main Title Design. Michelle Dougherty, Peter Frankfurt, Arisu Kashiwagi and Eric Demeusy did an awesome job designing this and providing a beautiful visual for fans to get stoked as they prepare for the episode.

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Before you get ready to watch Stranger Things 2 on Netflix when it’s released on Oct. 27, take a minute to watch the title sequence and listen to the theme music one more time. It’s just too good to listen to once, so maybe give it a few spins and put it on repeat.

When you hear that first note, it just strikes a chord (pun intended) much like HBO shows do when they’d have their static black and white image appear before the beginng of every series.

When you see and hear this, you just know you’re about to watch something mind-blowing good. And that’s what Stranger Things is.