Stranger Things cast: Ranking the 12 coolest characters

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Stranger Things
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5. Mike

Mike is the man. He was a little player when he met Eleven and managed to keep his feelings in check around this mysterious girl that has entered their lives just after the disappearance of his best friend Will. Talk about a range of emotions.

Finn Wolfhard did the role of Mike justice. He was caring, attentive, supportive and encouraging to Eleven who was shell-shocked after escaping from Hawkins Lab. He had a super crush on her and told her how pretty she was. He also kept her safe by letting her hide out in the family home. He didn’t stop looking for Will no matter how impossible the task may have looked to him. He, Dustin and Lucas were relentless in finding out the truth. They found out about the meaning of the Upside Down after talking with their science teacher and knew that the conspiracy surrounding the fake death of Will Byers was a hoax.

Mike mustered up the courage at the end of season 1 to ask Eleven to the snowball and even planted a kiss on her. It was his first kiss and he knew the moment was there and he couldn’t let it pass him by. Credit Mike for shooting his shot.

I’m anxiously awaiting the reunion between Mike and Eleven in the new season. Will there be another kiss?