Stranger Things cast: Ranking the 12 coolest characters

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Credit: Stranger Things – Netflix
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8. Nancy

I like Nancy. She is a good person who was nice to Jonathan when he was hanging flyers around the high school after his younger brother Will went missing. Nancy’s younger brother Mike is best friends with Will but Nancy and Jonathan didn’t really have a relationship to speak of before the events of the first season.

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Nancy did get distracted when she started seeing Steve and didn’t speak up when he was bullying Jonathan for the photographs he took of Nancy when he was out spying by the pool the night of Steve’s party when Barb was abducted. To be fair, we didn’t know if Jonathan was a creep at that point or not. But Nancy showed her true colors when she teamed up with Jonathan to find Will and Barb and defeat the monster.

Nancy was fearless when many other high school students would have been terrified to get their hands dirty. Sure enough, Nancy was a certifiable monster hunter and had her own accessories, supplies, weapons and a booby trap to catch the monster. She was a badass and a genuinely sweet person, even if she did seem to get over the death of Barb rather quickly and easily.

Now, if only she’d ditch that loser Steve and get with the real hero Jonathan, I think many fans would love Nancy more. I’m expecting Nancy to wear her cape some more in the new season and help keep Hawkins safe from the new threat in town.