Stranger Things cast: Ranking the 12 coolest characters

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9. The Demogorgon

The Demogorgon isn’t a person, but the monster is a character. I didn’t want to leave it out because it was such a prominent figure in the first season. Leaving the Demogorgon out would be a big omission and a disservice to how frightening this creature was.

My hat is off to the people who came up with this faceless monster that had a head that opened up like a five-pointed flower. It was like the worst Venus Flytrap known to man and the way in which it was slowly revealed in the eight episodes was a great way to build suspense. It was very reminiscent of Jaws where you don’t see the shark but you know it’s there and you’re terrified. You didn’t need to see the Demogorgon to be fearful of it, but you did want to see it, and we got a little more revealed each episode.

The opening scene of the pilot episode with the scientist running for his life only to be sucked up through the elevator was enough to show viewers what this beast was capable of. Then, it kidnaps Will and Barb in horrifying ways. When we finally saw its arms after it emerged through Joyce’s wall, it was an eye-opening experience that showed the long and thin arms and purplish skin.

When Nancy and Jonathan went after the monster and we saw this beast from head to toe, it was such a seminal moment of the series. We finally saw the monster that took Will and was preying on the people of Hawkins. The best look came in the season finale at Hawkins Middle School when the monster burst through the wall to attack Dr. Brenner and his men and came for Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Eleven. The boys couldn’t stop it with their slingshot, but Eleven could stop it with her powers and the Demogorgon burst into a million little pieces. Eleven disappeared too.

We know Eleven is coming back, and we know there is a new shadow monster in season 2, so it sounds like there won’t be another version of the Demogorgon in ST2, but the shadow monster could make the Demogorgon look like a teddy bear.