Stranger Things cast: Ranking the 12 coolest characters

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10. Will

Poor Will. No one had it worse than Will in season 1. Well actually, it was pretty bad for Barb considering she’s dead by Demogorgon, but Will lives to remember all the horrors from his week spent in the Upside Down. He was playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends and was going to take a bike ride home, but the Demogorgon spotted him on the way home and captured him and took him to the dark and toxic dimension that we learned is the Upside Down.

Will was alive, but he was trapped there and didn’t know how to get out. He could communicate with his mother Joyce who he’d call but there would be blue sparks that flew out and destroyed the phone. Next, he used Christmas lights to communicate with his mom. She knew he was alive, but she couldn’t get to him on her own. She was so close but so far away.

Will didn’t give up hope of a rescue and eventually, Joyce and Hopper came to his rescue and retrieved him after they found the door to the Upside Down in Hawkins Laboratory. Will returned home and was seemingly okay. That was until the holidays when he was enjoying a family dinner before exiting to the restroom where he coughed up a slug that looked like it was growing inside Will’s body. This slug that came from the could have lingering effects on Will and his health and well-being in the new season. He could definitely be moving up our character rankings after this season that figures to feature him more prominently.