Stranger Things cast: Ranking the 12 coolest characters

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11. Barb

I have nothing against Barb. She just wasn’t in as many episodes as the other cast members to really justify ranking her any higher. I know this will upset the people who tweeted with the hashtag “Justice for Barb” over the last year-plus in support of the character. Shannon Purser did a fantastic job playing Nancy’s best friend and was rewarded with an Emmy nomination for Guest Actress in a Drama Series. That was pretty phenomenal and was one of 18 Emmy nominations for the series. She didn’t win, but as the nominees often say, being nominated is reward enough.

Unfortunately, there was no justice for Barb. The character who tried to look out for Nancy and questioned whether Steve was a good guy or not definitely had good instincts. Although, she probably shouldn’t have been spending time alone at the pool when there’s a loose Demogorgon on the run. Barb was snatched up by the monster and taken to the Upside Down, and it was that scene where she was fighting for her freedom as she screamed out for Nancy that convinced me this show was about to go on an epic adventure.

I do wonder if there will be a flashback scene where we’ll get to see Barb again, but we’ll have to watch the new season to find that out.