Stranger Things cast: Ranking the 12 coolest characters

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1. Eleven

Who else could it be? This was an easy call to go with Eleven and she was the reason why I wanted to rank the Stranger Things characters because it gives me a chance to count the ways I love this character.

First of all, let’s give Millie Bobby Brown a round of applause for her performance on the series that she was rewarded with a Best Supporting Actress nomination at this year’s Emmy Awards. That’s incredible for the actress who only just turned 13 in February. Her future is bright and she’s going to be a big start for a long time.

Okay, back to Eleven. When viewers first saw this character in a yellow t-shirt, buzz cut and seemingly lost, it was a huge mystery. Slowly, we learned she had mind powers like turning off a fan at Benny’s restaurant where she was feasting on french fries. Next, it was levitating a Millennium Falcon toy. Every time she used her powers she’d get a little bloody nose so we knew it took a lot out of her and it left her drained.

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We learned a bit about her past in Hawkins Laboratory where she was snatched from her mother Terry Ives who was told the child was dead at birth and who was raised in a lab where Dr. Brenner put her through one taxing test after another. After she learned how to crush a Coke can with her mind, she had to make contact with the Demogorgon and that meant an immersion bath. This was a traumatic and terrifying experience. She was a human test subject for the government’s experiments. We wanted Eleven to be free. She was when she was with Mike, Dustin and Lucas who made her feel safe, pretty and like she was a normal girl. She was crazy, but she’s their friend as Dustin said after she saved Mike from the bullies at the quarry.

Eleven was able to save Will after taking the “bath” in the middle school to give Hopper and Joyce the path to find him in the Upside Down. She later saved Dustin, Mike and Lucas inside the school when the Demogorgon was ready to attack them. She’s a hero. She loves her Eggo waffles and we can’t wait to see her return from the Upside Down in Stranger Things 2 and reunite with the boys, and possibly, her mother.