Stranger Things cast: Ranking the 12 coolest characters

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2. Sheriff Hopper

The resident badass of Hawkins, Indiana. Which is pretty good since he’s the sheriff. Hopper is a layered character, second only to Eleven in terms of backstory and a past worth exploring. Hopper was a classmate of Joyce Byers and leads up the case to find the missing Byers boy. He’s quick to recognize there’s something odd going on with this disappearance and that there are some bigger forces at play.

Hopper learns his residence has been bugged and he goes to Joyce to keep her in the loop and notify her of some potential government intervention and conspiracy. Most importantly, Hopper found Will. He knew where the door to the Upside Down was and he took Joyce inside to retrieve Will and to confirm that Barb was long gone.

That took a lot of guts to go to an alternate dimension where a Demogorgon calls home knowing full well there is no guarantee of returning safely. I guess that’s part of being a police officer. Also, credit Hopper for dropping off a stash of Eggos for Eleven after she vanished after defeating the Demogorgon in the season finale.

I want to know more about Hopper and his family. We know about his daughter that passed away, but I want to learn more about this man and how he became the person that we see today.