Stranger Things: Is Hawkins, Indiana a real town?

Credit: Stranger Things - Jackson Lee Davis - Netflix
Credit: Stranger Things - Jackson Lee Davis - Netflix /

Stranger Things takes place in the town of Hawkins, Indiana, but if you are planning a road trip there, you’re not going to find it on a map.

Stranger Things did for Indiana what Parks and Recreation did for the Hoosier State. The former NBC series and one of our favorite shows on Netflix was set in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana and bordered fellow fictional town of Eagleton. I am not positive if it was the first show based in Indiana, but it was the best show based in Indiana. So when Stranger Things premiered on Netflix last summer, it became the second noteworthy show set in an Indiana town.

Stranger Things is based in the town of Hawkins, Indiana where some weird stuff is going on. There’s the Hawkins Lab where some experiments are being done on humans and there’s this monster that is capable of mayhem and abducting kids.

If fans of the show wanted to take a trip to see the setting of the Netflix series, they found their GPS is unable to lead them to Hawkins, because it doesn’t exist. Hawkins, Indiana is a fictional town, created solely for the purposes of Stranger Things. While Hawkins isn’t a real town, you can visit the locations where Stranger Things filmed.

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Stranger Things filming locations were based in Jackson, Georgia with secondary locations in Atlanta, Stockbridge, Tucker and Douglasville. The quarry scene was filmed in Atlanta, the locations where the kids were in school were set at Stockbridge and Emory University in Atlanta served as the base for Hawkins National Laboratory.

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The Atlanta area is a popular place to film shows. Most notably, The Walking Dead films there and fans have flocked to the area to see the locations they watched on TV. Are you a Stranger Things fan who has an interest in seeing the filming locations? I think it would be pretty cool to see it first-hand.