Stranger Things 2: Main poster and key art (Photos)

Stranger Things - Jackson Lee Davis - Netflix
Stranger Things - Jackson Lee Davis - Netflix /

Stranger Things 2 premieres on Oct. 27 on Netflix but you don’t have to wait any longer to see the main poster and key art.

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The time is almost here for fans to return to the pop culture phenomenon that took over last summer and hasn’t let up. Stranger Things 2 premieres exclusively on Netflix on Friday, Oct. 27 with nine new episodes that are sure to top the highly-successful first season.

If you missed the boat when the first season premiered last July, it’s okay, because I hope that you’re caught up by now and won’t let that happen again, because the new batch of episodes is going to be incredible.

There promises to be more darkness, bigger and better special effects and more trips to the Upside Down where the shadow monster could make the Demogorgon look like nothing. The key art and main poster for Stranger Things 2 show this menacing monster that is going to torment poor little Will Byers. Will was rescued from the Upside Down by Sheriff Hopper and his mom, Joye, but it appears that the Upside Down isn’t ready to quit him just yet.

You can check out the key art for Stranger Things 2 below.

Stranger Things 2 poster
Credit: Stranger Things 2 poster- Netflix /

Now, who’s ready to take a trip to Hawkins, Indiana?! That forecast calls for partly sunny skies with a chance for a shadow monster to disrupt your evening plans. The second key art poster shows Will looking outside his door as the sky turns red and the shadow monster begins to reveal itself in all its horror.

Stranger Things 2
Credit: Stranger Things 2 key art – Netflix /

If you’re in need of a new wallpaper for your phone or computer, you just found two new images to use. Sounds like one will be perfect for the lock screen and the other as your home screen. All the cool kids are doing it, so please enjoy the beautiful key art the team at Stranger Things and Netflix provided.

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All nine episodes of Stranger Things 2 premieres exclusively on Netflix on Friday, Oct. 27.