Season 13 of The Voice Airs Second Week of Blinds

Season 13 of The Voice

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The second week of blinds on Season 13 of The Voice featured young talent.

The second week of blinds was all about the young people, with precocious teen talent like soulful Anthony Alexander and charming Addison Agen. There have been a few teen contestants who fared very well in the past, like Season 3’s Danielle Bradbery and Season 8’s Sawyer Fredericks. The Voice does have a tendency to hype up its younger contestants, but from the performances we’ve seen so far, these competent teen singers do deserve a spot in the competition.

As a side note, the dreaded montages are back as well. Each season, The Voice cuts out a few blind auditions and condenses them into montages for the sake of time. Given that the contestants spend at least a month on set practicing, it’s a shame for these contestants not to have their television moment or even an upload of their auditions.

To see recaps of the vocalists who weren’t montaged, keep reading. 

LOS ANGELES, CA – AUGUST 13: Adam Levine (L) and James Valentine of Maroon 5 accept the Decade Award onstage during the Teen Choice Awards 2017 at Galen Center on August 13, 2017 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Team Adam

Team Adam has mostly young male pop vocalists at the moment. His team is relatively low-key, but he might have a dark horse hidden in there somewhere. Of all of his artists, chanteuse Emily Luther sounds the strongest so far. None of the personalities on his team have really stuck out for me.

Hannah Mrozak: “Starving”

This 18-year-old sings in the memory of her brother, who committed suicide. She has a strong voice, with an impressive range and lots of control. I’m not sure if the breezy Hailee Steinfeld bop was the best to pair with her tragic backstory, so I hope that she gets a better song for the battles. J-Hud fought hard for her, even pointing out the flaws to Adam’s pitches. (Like the fact that his team only had guys is something to be concerned about.) She still went with Adam though.  

Adam Pearce: “Hot Blooded”

After turning no chairs last season, Adam Pearce caught Miley’s and Adam’s ears this season while energetically rocking out to Foreigner’s “Hot Blooded.” He trained hard, even getting lessons from a vocal coach to help him with his pitch. Miley fought a good fight, but ultimately Adam picked the Maroon 5 vocalist who shares his first name.

“I’m so excited right now because you were so wild and crazy but so refined and controlled at the same time, which is everything!” Adam Levine praised.

Anthony Alexander

While the coaches do hype up the young contestants, I enjoyed Anthony’s laidback version of Childish Gambino’s “Redbone.” This 17-year-old impressed the coaches with his effortless falsetto. J-Hud even compared his falsetto to Prince’s. It doesn’t hurt that he’s cute too, as all the coaches conceded. His family has a history on The Voice—his father was a camera operator on the show for a few seasons. 

Emily Luther: “Summertime”

This Berklee alumna gave a technically gorgeous rendition of “Summertime.” At 24, she looks mature and sounds incredibly seasoned, displaying control, entrancing low notes, and smokiness. She’s had a few small successes in the industry as a backup singer for Dionne Warwick and Yolanda Adams. Since she’s one of the few female vocalists on Team Adam, she might be safe for now.

SANTA MONICA, CA – SEPTEMBER 08: Jennifer Hudson performs onstage during the XQ Super School Live, presented by EIF, at Barker Hangar on September 8, 2017 in Santa California. (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for EIF)

Team Jennifer

Team J-Hud is killing it. She didn’t get as many artists this week, but the people who did join her team had interesting backgrounds and amazing voices. It’s hard to forget the moments with Davon Fleming and Stephan Marcellus. Jennifer has a collection of powerhouse artists who will, undoubtedly, give epic battle performances. I for one can’t wait.

Kathrina Feigh: “Big White Room”

Hailing from a musical theater background, this confident Filipina charmed J-Hud and Blake Shelton with her warm, rich tone and powerful vocal chops. She emoted the big Jessie J ballad beautifully. The young chanteuse picked powerhouse coach Jennifer Hudson, whom she saw on the Broadway musical “The Color Purple.”

Davon Fleming: “Me and Mrs. Jones”

This worship leader blew my mind, and I thought my mind was already blown by Chris Weaver, the other soulful worship leader on Jennifer’s team. He comes from a tough background in Baltimore and grew up listening to his mother, Whitney Houston, and unsurprisingly, J-Hud. This song could’ve been cheesy in the hands of a squeaky clean Michael Bublé impersonator but it was velvety smooth and effortless with Davon’s singing. Davon sounded controlled and jazzy at the same time. Jennifer even threw her shoe at him! Then, they sang “I Will Always Love You” together and it was beautiful. The coaches wholeheartedly agreed that he would be in the finale. If he does go against Chris Weaver in the battles, I hope one of them is a steal.

Stephan Marcellus: “Take Me to Church”

Stephan had a really rough start at the beginning of this Hozier song, starting on the wrong note and mumbling through a few lines. When he found his footing again (around “command me to be well”), this dude sang beautifully, flaunting a strong, velvety voice. J-Hud generously hit her button right before he rocked out the chorus. If he makes it to the lives, what an underdog story that would be! Jennifer said she pressed because she could relate to a similar moment in her career when she messed up.

“It’s because I was in that same position before and I completely forgot all the words to the song. But that don’t mean you can’t sing. And so, I could instantly relate,” Jennifer explained.

Montaged: Alexandra Joyce singing “Wildest Dreams” and Eric Lyn singing “Ohh Child”

TISHOMINGO, OK – SEPTEMBER 29: Blake Shelton performs during a free Opry style concert on Main Street outside of new restaurant and bar, Ole Red, opened by Shelton and Ryman Hospitality Partners on September 30, 2017 in Tishomingo, Oklahoma. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Ryman Hospitality Properties Inc)

Team Blake

Blake’s team looks fairly country right now, with the exception of young pop singer Noah Mac. Most of the male country artists on his team sound very familiar in the country world Perhaps we will see more diverse additions to his team next week.

Adam Cunningham: “Midnight Rider”

This is the first Team Blake contestant who I’m riled up for. The Nashville singer rocked out to an Allman Brothers song (rest in peace, Gregg Allman) with a lot of power and a lot of twang. Adam has a cute little family and a background in session singing. Although he released a few Christian records, things didn’t pan out with his label. Jennifer made a good plea for the gritty country artist, but he went with Blake.

“I hear the country—I heard all of that—but the soul is what made me hop out of my seat,” Jennifer remarked.

Noah Mac: “Way Down We Go”

This soulful teenager first performed at his sister’s funeral. He brought some growly energy and power to this rock Kaleo ballad. He has a deep, crooning George Ezra kind of voice, beginning with a more subdued performance and then really letting loose in the middle of the song. You can tell he has a lot of passion, though might be a little bit nervous. I think Jennifer could have helped him with sussing out finesse in his performance, but who knows, Blake might whip him into shape. 

Montaged: Anna Catherine DeHart singing “I Could Use a Love Song.”

LAS VEGAS, NV – SEPTEMBER 23: Miley Cyrus attends the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena on September 23, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Team Miley

The theme for Team Miley this week is quirky alternative female vocalists. Her team may not have the most powerful voices, but it has the most interesting voices in the competition. I’m rooting for an offbeat indie female vocalist on her team to get into the finale this season of The Voice!

Shilo Gold: “Stay with Me Baby”

The daughter of a Jewish cantor, Shilo was a former Berklee student who became a traveling musician. She sang the Lorraine Ellison ballad with lots of rasp. Some have even commented that she sounded sick, and Adam Levine even offered her his glass of water. Miley and Jennifer pushed their buttons just in the nick of time. Her edgy personality and raspy low voice make her a good fit with Coach Miley. It might really depend on song choice for Shilo, since her nasally growls and rasp fits more subdued songs.

Addison Agen: “Jolene”

Even I wanted to push for this adorkable 16-year-old because of her tasteful and mature Ray Lamontagne choice. Sometimes younger contestants sing these rough, emotional songs and it might come off as contrived. Every now and then, there’s a rare old soul contestant like Season 7 winner Sawyer Fredericks who breaks the mold. Addison reminds me a lot of Sawyer with her guilelessness and mature, emotive voice. She has a lot of beautiful cracks in her voice, a strong vibrato, and a rich lower range that makes for a really pretty sound. Despite Adam showering the young girl with his praise, she smartly went with Miley.

“To see this adorable 16-year-old girl singing like a grown woman who has been through some crap, we turned around, so we got to see the way she performed. And you are so full of life and power and emotion,” Adam lauded desperately.

Moriah Formica: “Crazy on You”

Miley also picked up this edgy, rock-and-roll 16-year-old who balances school and gigging. Moriah performed this Heart classic with a powerful voice as she shredded her guitar. She definitely has crazy lung capacity to shout out this rock ballad, but what drew me in most about her performance was her ease on stage. She didn’t sweat an ounce.

Sophia Bollman: “Invincible”

This spunky 18-year-old has long been involved in music, starting with a nonprofit group called Kids Rock Free. She’s even performed with KISS’ Gene Simmons. The Kelly Clarkson song allowed her to show her impressive vocal range, though there were a few moments where the performance felt a little shouty, maybe even too familiar with the original version. Between Blake and Miley, she picked Miley, which could be a promising choice since the “Malibu” singer knows all about stage presence and personality.

Karli Webster: “You’re So Vain”

Karli is a USC music major with a sweet, high voice. Named after the Carly Simon, she gets bonus points for singing this classic! She has an interesting seventies vibe to her as well. I enjoyed her sound but I do worry since she’s on a team full of quirky indie songstresses on Miley’s team.

“To be able to represent women who want to work hard is really what I want to do. And I look forward to having you make a mark in herstory,” Miley pitched. Admittedly, it was a bit of a cheesy, glib pitch, but hey, inspiring and effective all the same.

After such a somber week in national politics, this slew of The Voice’s blind auditions offered some emotional therapy with its youthful energy and silly coach bantering. Next week, The Voice will wrap up its blind auditions for this season. 

Which contestant are you rooting for from the second week of blinds on The Voice? Let us know in the comments below!


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