Stranger Things will likely end after five seasons

Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy said Stranger Things could last for five seasons, which is contrary to what the Duffer Brothers said earlier this summer.

It looks like Stranger Things might be five seasons after all!

This summer, there were reports Stranger Things would likely end after four seasons on Netflix, and it was the creators, the Duffer Brothers, who made those claims. As it turns out, the series might last longer than those four seasons.

According to a report from Entertainment Weekly, Shawn Levy, a producer and director for Stranger Things, said the series should go on for at least five seasons and possibly more, although any more than five seasons is unlikely.

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This should obviously come as good news for Stranger Things fans. I know many of our readers are very relieved to hear there’s at least four more seasons of this series on the way.

Here is Levy’s full quote on the topic, via EW:

 “Hearts were heard breaking in Netflix headquarters when the Brothers made four seasons sound like an official end, and I was suddenly getting phone calls from our actors’ agents,” says Levy. “The truth is we’re definitely going four seasons and there’s very much the possibility of a fifth. Beyond that, it becomes I think very unlikely.

That’s not all the big news, though. In the interview, Matt and Ross Duffer also shared their concerned about this series going on too long and overstaying their welcome. The pair shared they don’t know exactly how long the show will last, but they don’t want to lose “credibility” with the audience because it becomes too unrealistic.

Here is part of Ross’s ideas behind the series lasting too long, via EW:

I think there’s going to come a point where why aren’t these people leaving Hawkins? Like we’re going to stretch credibility. It wasn’t intended to be a seven-season thing. 

For the full interview, check out EW’s report and the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly, which is scheduled to be out Friday, Oct. Sept. 29.

Again, I think the Duffer Brothers are spot on with their thoughts on this issue. At some point, this world will get too crazy and the threats become too big, and people have to start fleeing the town, and then we have an entirely different show that’s more like War of the Worlds than Stranger Things. 

We’ll likely find out more of what Levy and the Duffer Brothers mean at the end of October!  Stranger Things season 2 is scheduled to be released on Friday, Oct. 27.

We’ll have non-stop Stranger Things coverage until then and well after the season 2 release date. For the latest Stranger Things news, follow Netflix Life on facebook. 

Are you happy Stranger Things will last for five seasons? Let us know what you think!