Hulu Features Anna Kendrick in Its Latest Ad Campaign

Pitch Perfect’s Anna Kendrick invokes her charm in Hulu’s latest campaign.

In Hulu’s most recent ads, you’ll notice a lot of Anna Kendrick. You might know her from Up in the Air or Pitch Perfect. Perhaps you recognize her from her hilarious Twitter account. Now, the Oscar and Tony nominated actress stands in as Hulu’s celebrity spokesperson in a series of 30-second ads. 

The new commercials capture Hulu’s extensive library and instantaneous availability. They feature CGI wizardry and showcase Hulu’s popular shows. Kendrick ends each clip by reciting, “It’s not a dream. It’s TV come true.”

The ads have a magical and wondrous quality to them. For example, in one of them, Kendrick stands in an aquarium surrounded by floating television screens. In another ad, she pretends to throw hoops and a football. As a result of her gestures, popular sports clips emerge. Hulu’s latest commercials are directed by Robert Stromberg and created by the ad agency 215 McCann. Their fantastical feel is probably due to Stromberg’s artistic vision and special effects background. His portfolio includes critically acclaimed favorites like Maleficent and Avatar.

These ads have been making their way on broadcast and cable television as well as social media. According to Variety, they debuted during NBC’sToday on September 12 and will run through December.

Kendrick’s collaboration with Hulu certainly seems like a good fit. In a statement, she said, “Am I a fan of The Handmaid’s Tale? Hell yes. Have I watched every episode of Law & Order: SVU at least three times? Try four. Does Hulu make it super easy to get all my TV in one place? Yes, and I would know; I’m legit lazy.”

Those of us who grew up with a television might miss the random bliss of channel surfing. At the same time, I have to wholeheartedly agree with Kendrick—having your television all in one place is a huge perk. 

What do you think of Hulu enlisting Anna Kendrick as its spokesperson? Let us know in the comments below!

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