Orange is the New Black season 5: Will Nicky self-destruct?

Nicky got clean in max before rejoining her friends in Litchfield, so what’s in store for her in Orange is the New Black season 5?

One of the most popular characters on Orange is the New Black is Nicky. Natasha Lyonne gets a lot of credit for playing the drug-addicted, sex-starved inmate, but credit the writers as well for her character arc and how well she blends in with the other characters. All of that combines to make sure she’s one of the more beloved characters on the show. Despite being a fan favorite that doesn’t mean Nicky is a great person. Great character to be sure, but as a person, she’s as flawed as any on the show.

Season 3 saw Nicky whisked away from Litchfield because of her drug problem. After she was unceremoniously removed and sent to max, viewers didn’t see her until a few episodes into the fourth season. Their viewers first saw her and she looked good, she was clean and sober and got a chip for staying clean. Reality set in moments later when she had to forfeit the chip to the prison guard. Nevertheless, it was a moment she should be proud of.

She has struggled with her sobriety for years and it got her sent to jail and then sent to max where she was forced to deal with her addiction once and for all. She didn’t last long, however, as she succumbed to her disease and copped from one of the prison guards. it came at a price as she had to perform oral sex on the guard.

That was a moment Nicky lost everything that was good about her and viewers and fans of her character have to wonder if she’s salvageable or if she’s going to be on this path as long as we know her. When she returned to Litchfield, she had a frosty relationship with Red, her prison mother, and dabbled in smoking some crack, before trying to get in Lorna’s pants despite her being married to Christopher.

After being turned down numerous times, Nicky lashed out at her, and it makes me wonder if anyone will be on her side this season. Who are her ally’s and can Lorna forgive her and accept her back into her life? Those are questions facing us as we get closer to Orange is the New Black season 5.