Supernatural season 12 is now streaming on Netflix


Supernatural season 12 starring Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Mark A. Sheppard is now streaming on Netflix in the United States.

If you missed Supernatural season 12 on The CW, it’s time to catch up! Supernatural season 12 is now streaming on Netflix in the United States.

The season 12 finale just aired on Thursday, May 18, and now the full season is streaming on Netflix just more than a week later.

Up until this season, you would have had to wait until a few days before the next season premiered on Netflix. That meant waiting months after your fellow Supernatural fans watched the season while it aired on The CW.

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All of that changed this season when Netflix and The CW agreed to a new deal. The agreement brings all of The CW’s shows to Netflix and also brings each new season to the streaming service exactly eight days after the season finale airs on The CW.

Supernatural season 12 consists of 23 episodes, which brings the series total to 264 episodes. All of those 264 episodes of Supernatural are now streaming on Netflix! And, Supernatural is coming back for season 13. We are expecting Supernatural season 13 to premiere in the fall, so you have quite a while to get caught up to the series as it airs on The CW.

You will have to a wait a lot longer than that to watch Supernatural season 13 on the streaming service. So, after you finish season 12, make sure you take a look through the 50 Best TV Shows on Netflix and the 50 Best TV Dramas on Netflix to hopefully find a new show to stream on Netflix!

There some other great supernatural-type shows to watch on the streaming service including The Vampire Diaries, Stranger Things, The Originals, American Horror Story, and more!