When will Master of None season 3 be on Netflix?

Master of None season 2 only recently came out on Netflix but here’s when we expect to see the Aziz Ansari series return for season 3.

After a long wait, new episodes of Master of None were released on May 12, more than 18 months after the release of the first season on Netflix. It was a lengthy wait that tried the patience of fans and some fans may have even forgotten about it because of the time between new episodes. The wait ended up being well worth it as the 10 new episodes of Master of None were some of the best I’ve seen this year and is easily a candidate for the best show of the year and now fans are counting down the days until Master of None season 3 is out.

This article won’t divulge any spoiler material from the season, but I’ll just say, you should definitely take the 5.5 hours to watch the season and see the series for yourself if you haven’t done so yet. This article, however, will look into the crystal ball and pinpoint a time when viewers can expect to see Master of None season 3.

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Netflix has yet to officially renew the series for a third season, but we’re operating under the assumption that it will be a formality so long as Aziz Ansari, Alan Yang and the rest of the cast and crew are wanting to make new episodes. Considering how incredibly popular it is with fans and that it’s an Emmy-nominated series, Netflix will want to keep the show as long as they can.

Presuming it’s coming back, now we can project when season 3 will be on Netflix. The safe estimate is there will be at least a year buffer for the creative process to take place. Great television doesn’t happen overnight and Ansari has alluded to as much in interviews while promoting season 2. And we don’t want to sacrifice quality to get a show a few months sooner.

Therefore, the earliest Mater of None season 3 could be on Netflix would be May 2018. Hopefully, the delay won’t be as lengthy as the wait between season 1 and 2. We’ll target late spring or summer for season 3, but as soon as we get concrete information about a renewal that could alter our projected release. So bookmark this page and be sure to visit the site often for all the news related to Master of None.