50 Best Documentaries on Netflix: May 2017 update

There are some great new documentaries joining the 50 Best Documentaries on Netflix in May 2017 including The Keepers and Command and Control!

Netflix has some great documentaries and doc series joining the streaming service in May 2017. Of those films, there should also be at least a few that will join the 50 Best Documentaries on Netflix like Command and Control and The Keepers!

Of all the new documentaries coming to Netflix, The Keepers, which is a Netflix original doc series, has the potential to be the best of the bunch, or at least the most popular. It’s easily the biggest documentary series since Making a Murderer, and it could be even bigger, depending on how good it is.

The Keepers premieres on Netflix on Friday, May 19!

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Check out the trailer for the series below!

Netflix also has a new original documentary Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower coming out on May 26. The documentary tells the story of a young man who takes on the Chinese Government by organizing protests.

Command and Control, They Call Us Monsters, and I Am Jane Doe will likely also be joining our ranking of the 50 Best Documentaries on Netflix! We have not seen these documentaries yet, but they each have good reviews.

Here is are all the docs that could be joining the 50 Best Documentaries on Netflix and when the films will be released on the streaming service:

Command and Control: May 15 

The Keepers: May 19 

They Call Us Monsters: May 22

Joshua: Teenager vs. Superpower: May 26 

I Am Jane Doe: May 26

Like their stand-up comedy specials, Netflix seems interested in picking up tons of new documentaries. Perhaps, the success of Making a Murderer helped lead the streaming service in that direction.

In the future, watch for more great docs to join the 50 Best Documentaries on Netflix coming later this spring and summer!



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